Two bold strangers took the brave - and some might say foolhardy - step of marrying each other after meeting at the altar as Married At First Sight returned last night.

But if the pairing doesn't work out, groom Clark, a business development executive, will not be short of offers after his good looks and charming manners won over an army of fans.

Viewers went into a frenzy after the 26-year-old, looked stunned by his bride Melissa, saying 'you look amazing' when he first saw her - and many offered him marriage proposals of their own.

Student nurse Melissa, 27, was paired with business development executive Clark, 26, in the new series of Married At First Sight - despite the pair never having met before

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While many of the show's viewers couldn't understand why on earth the hunk was single, they uniformly shared their praise for him.

Viewer @aldopacason gushed: 'This Clark guy on Married at First Sight actually seems like a dream'

@aimeejaayne agreed, saying: 'Clark and Melissa on Married at First Sight are SOOOO adorable'

Beth McDermid wrote: 'The reaction that Clark had when he saw Melissa on Married At First Sight is the reaction I need in my life'

LauraIsabella asked: 'Where do I sign up for married at First Sight? #clark'

Alexandra Power swooned, 'OMG this is literally the most emotional thing I've watched. When he said 'wow'.

Natasha, from London, concurred, 'I need to find a guy like Clark, what a gent'

Emily Aspell asked, 'Is Clark not the loveliest man in the world!'

Lidia Lowe revealed that the groom had been single for a while, when she admitted, 'LOL the guy on #MarriedAt FirstSight, Clark, I matched with him on Tinder back in the day. Clearly things never went right for him.'

Gemma Chalcroft is also a member of his fan club, saying, 'Clark is adorable! I'd marry him.'

Holly Tweddle tweeted, 'If it doesn't work out I'll marry you Clark'

Ellis Taylor agreed: '100% would marry Clark'

Women watched gripped as Clark met student Melissa, 27, on their wedding day itself at Islington Town Hall in north London, as part of Channel 4's social experiment.

He was told nothing about his wife-to-be apart from her name, saying: 'Wow, that's a very nice name. I am so nervous right now.'

And despite not having laid eyes on Melissa, he told cameras: 'I don't think I've ever been more ready in my life. To be committed to someone is the one thing I've been missing, massively. I don't think I've ever been more certain of anything in my entire life. I am ready to say "I do."'

Davina Elizabeth appeared ready to join the show herself, writing, 'Why didn't I sign up to this? I'd well marry Clark'

Siobhan Butler was equally smitten: 'Bloody hell do men like Clark exist? He's so nice... Can I marry him?'

Natalie said the same, 'I'd marry Clark at first sight'

Lucy Gornall said: 'Good god this Clark guy on #MarriedAtFirstSight is GORGEOUS. Why is he on this!!!???'

Katie McGee, however, brought a note of scepticism to bear, noting, 'If Clark was 36 I might believe he's ready to commit to one person and settle down. He's got 10 years in him yet!'

Stacey Smith joined in, 'If Clark is divorced by now, I'll have him.'

The couple - who tied the knot four months ago - spoke to the camera as their big day loomed, admitting to huge pre-wedding jitters.

Clark told friends: 'I just hope she likes me. I can actually feel my heart in my head.'

And as the pair locked eyes for the first time they were both close to tears with Clark telling his bride: 'You look amazing.'

'So do you, thank God!' she replied.

The couple then exchanged a brief kiss on the cheek before exchanging vows.

Only after the ceremony did they sit down with a glass of champagne and begin the awkward process of getting to know everything about each other - with Clark admitting he's relieved that his new wife has the right 'tooth to gum ratio'.

He admitted to his bride that he has ploughed through 'numerous' failed relationships in his life.

However, romance was very much in the air when they take to the floor for their first dance to Ray Charles' Come Rain or Shine.

'I really am the luckiest guy ever,' Clark said, before adding as they left the wedding party, 'We've known each other for less than five hours and it feels like I've known you for ages.'

According to the show's formula, the pair now have five weeks to see if their marriage will work.

And their fans are desperate to know how the two of them have fared since that dramatic day.

Gemma Kidd gushed: 'Absolutely love Married At First Sight! Hope Clark and Melissa are together forever!'

A viewer known only as Animagus admitted: 'I'm already way too invested in Clark and Melissa'

Russ Peers chimed in, 'Call me an old romantic but I reckon Clark and Melissa will last'

Lydia couldn't contain herself over how their relationship is going, asking: 'Come on Mel & Clark, Someone's gotta know you! Just let us know if it's happily ever after - I can't stop searching.'

Natalie Duce agreed saying, 'I NEED to know if Clark and Melissa are still together... Come on, break the silence.'

David, from London, also wished the well, saying, 'Fair play to Melissa and Clark! Hope they make it! Brave!'

This year, producers received nearly 3,500 willing volunteers looking for love.

By putting their trust in science and a panel of experts - psychologist Mark Coulson; sex and relationship therapist Jo Coker; evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin; and Nick Devenish, a Church of England vicar - they all hope to find the man or women of their dreams.

Experts sift through thousands of applicants until eight singletons are set to become four couples.

The five-week 'experiment' begins when the couples meet as complete strangers and marry at first sight, and continues with a honeymoon and four weeks of living together as man and wife.

It concludes with 'decision day', when the couples must decide whether to stay together or seek a divorce.

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